Where Are They Now: Minor Full House Characters

I think part of the reason that Full House has stayed in our generation’s hearts so long is that it wasn’t just a show – it was a whole world. In addition to the fullest house ever (nine people? ten? maybe more?), there was a large cast of supporting characters. Just like in real life, you had your family, your close friends, and then all of those random people that populate your world. While there are plenty of places on the internet where you can read about Candace Cameron-Burre, Dave Coulier, and the Olsens, some of these minor characters are harder to come by. That’s what we’re here for.

Walter (Duck Face) then

The pose that launched 1000 terrible Myspace photos.

Duck Face was Stephanie’s would-be paramour. He was mocked in school because he didn’t understand social cues and, well, kind of looked like a duck. In the late 80s, Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist (heck, Mark Zuckerberg barely existed). That means that the “duck face” was not the standard of beauty that it is today.

Whit “Duck Face” Hertford Today
Anyone who made fun of the weird-looking kids in grade school, take note. DuckFace is now cooler than you, busier than you, and more married than you. Duck Face also now looks exactly like my batshit-crazy childhood Irish Dance teacher. As in, I feel like he’s going to publicly humiliate me for not kicking high enough in my slip jig, then spend ¾ of a class having everyone look for his lost earring. Whit Hertford seems to have bypassed the child actor curse, and is now an actor-screenwriter. His company’s website states that they create  “contemporary stories done with a minimalistic crew and little production.” Translation:  low-budget startup operation. Their web design is nice, though, so that’s promising. He posted pics on his Twitter from what was probably a very hipster-y wedding. Belated congrats! His wife looks nice. If the internet is right (which is always iffy) he was married to another woman from 2002-2011. So if you were wondering if you’re old, the answer is yes: this child has been married, divorced, and remarried. But on the positive, if you’re wondering if you’re going to die alone, the answer is probably no: this child has been married, divorced, and remarried, proving that sometimes the weird kid (or kid who plays the weird kid)  turns out well. He has a tumblr, too: http://whithertford.tumblr.com/#/title, and some kind of musical operation.  Also, he’s a member of UCB in LA. Someone wanna check that out for me? Thanks a bunch.

Marcia “Mrs. Carruthers” Wallace Then:
Mrs. Carruthers would NOT stop chasing Gladstone around. Unfortunately, Marcia Wallace had to step down her guest appearances due to a high volume of hate mail from Alanis Morissette. The replacement girlfriend in You Oughtta Know? It’s totally Carruthers.

Mrs Carruthers now
Marcia Wallace’s IMDB bio was either written by herself, someone she hired, or a really eerily obsessed fan. But I learned so much! Did you know she had a troubled childhood, is a cancer survivor, and lost her husband to cancer when she was not even 50? Me either. Did you know that she’s the voice of Edna Krabappel? My mind was blown, too. While I thought of her as an older lady during the Full House era (though to be fair, I thought of second graders as older ladies then, too), she actually looks the same age now as she did then. Wallace turned 70 last year. Lookin’ good, Carruthers! Through the years, she’s lent her character acting skills to Teen Angel, Seventh Heaven, Murphy Brown, and many more.

10/2013 edit: Sadly, Marcia Wallace has now passed away at the age of 70. While you’ll read a lot about her turns on Bob Newhart, The Carol Burnett Show, and of course the Simpsons, we’ll always remember her as zany PTA lady Mrs. Carruthers.

Blake McIver Ewing (Derek) then:
In the early 90s, McIver Ewing was the go-to child actor when the script called for a wealthy, WASP-y, precocious, prim little boy. He was either a fantastic young character actor or ridiculously precocious and prim IRL.

Blake McIver Ewing now
After his run as a child actor was through, Blake began working in professional theatre. If you remember his rousing rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy, or were as obsessed with his Don’t Go Breakin My Heart performance as my friends and I were in college, you would not be surprised. Apparently, sometime in the 2000s Blake also hired a sculptor to painstakingly chisel his jawline and cheekbones. Which hurts. A LOT. In a rare instance of lifelong typecast-ability, Ewing looks like a wealthy, WASP-y, precocious, prim grown man.

I would be remiss to leave out that Ewing is now a go-go dancer in L.A. He’s quoted as saying “I’m not embarrassed. I have worked as a go-go boy over the past year. I found it so liberating and empowering.I had so much shame about my body. This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun.” Judging by the semi-NSFW pictures, his cheekbones aren’t the only thing that are chiseled.

Kathryn Zaremba (Lisa) then:
Lisa only showed up every once in a while, mostly to wow us with her vocal chops. She was probably a very tiny child, because apparently she was four years older than the Olsen twins when she played their peer. Did you know she appeared on Broadway during the short run of Annie Warbucks? Did you even know that there WAS an Annie sequel called Annie Warbucks?

Lisa now:

Kathryn Zaremba child-acted in a few other 90s-licious projects, such as the Jeff Foxworthy show and Toothless – that movie where Kirstie Alley played the tooth fairy. She was also in Sisters, which my mom definitely watched every week when I was little.
It looks like little Lisa has left acting far behind her. I always get really happy when I’m doing these where are they now posts and find someone who just became a normal grown-up after a child acting career. Absent evidence to the contrary, I’m going to say that’s what happened here. Kathryn is an “artist, illustrator, and exhibition designer from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma,” and now lives in Washington, D.C. working with Civilian Art Projects. This makes me feel like when you get friended by some random person you went to elementary school with, and see that they have a nice job and decent life. Like, aww, I never really knew you, but this just makes me happy!

Nelson then:

Nelson was D.J.’s rich yet nerdy boyfriend. He was  very sweet, although he did piss D.J. off by fighting with Viper for her affections. But did I mention that he was rich? I don’t know why they ever broke up.

Nelson Now:

Nelson was played by Jason Marsden, who is evidently still a successful working actor. Per IMDB, if there was a cartoon that you loved in the 90s, he probably lent his voice to its direct-to-video sequel. AND he’s currently on Doc McStuffins, which is one of the only show my niece and nephews like that doesn’t make me want to pour boiling water into my own eyes. Trust me, that’s higher praise than it sounds. Say what you will about Full House, but even an actor who played a small recurring character like Nelson is still paying his bills as a working actor 20 years later. Pretty impressive.


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