Kickstart This: TV Shows I’d Pay To Turn Into Movies

The response to the Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign was amazing. Within a day, fans of the show had pretty much funded the feature film adaptation. I already love the internet, TV, and TV fans on the internet, but this just confirmed it. The world-wide web is MAGIC. Of course, I started wondering what other shows I’d like to see a movie adaptation of. Here’s what I came up with, limiting myself to cancelled shows. These aren’t necessarily all my favorite shows of all time, but for one reason or another, I’d shell out my morning coffee money if a film adaptation were announced.

Would the Friends sitcom format translate to a full-length feature? In a word, no. Not a chance. But I’d still jump at the chance to spend 2 hours watching my favorite Central Perk regulars 10 years down the road. Would Gunther still be around? Ugly Naked Guy? Regina Falange? I’d pay good money to find out, and I bet a lot of other tv fans would, too.

30 Rock
I know 30 Rock just ended, but I wish it hadn’t. Although the viewership of this show was small, it was loyal, and I bet if we came together, we could fund a film adaptation. Or at least part of it. We could pay the craft services or something, maybe. Or send in our old clothes for wardrobe. Whatever it takes, I want to go to there.

Punky Brewster
Hear me out. Punky Brewster as an adult, raising another plucky orphan. Henry would be alive and, inexplicably, so would Brandon. This is probably best suited to a made-for-tv adaptation. Hallmark Channel produces about 20 different Christmas movies every holiday season, so I think they could make room in their budget for this, especially if we all helped kickstart the production. On second thought, they don’t need to make a whole movie. I just want to see the outfits.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
I watched this until shit started to get serious. I was just in it for the camp factor and the witty dialogue, and all of a sudden Willow is going to Wicca Rehab? So I quit, but if they were making a cinematic feature, I’d float them a few bucks. I suppose I could just watch the last two or three seasons instead, but would it really be worth it? I have two hours of free time to give back to this show, but I do NOT have 3 weeks to devote to a Netlix intensive. My queue is long enough already.

Gilmore Girls
Outside of my own mother, Lorelai Gilmore is my favorite mom ever. I don’t just want to see Stars Hollow again, I think I need to, the same way I sometimes can’t help driving past my childhood home. Did Rory work on the most recent Obama campaign, too? Does Miss Patty still teach dance? What crazy event is Kirk helping to coordinate now? I bet Sookie has like 5 kids now. I don’t think this will happen any time soon, even though there are millions of loyal fans (hundreds? dozens?), and even though Melissa McCarthy finally has the recognition she deserves. Maybe I should just start watching Bunheads — my brother told me it’s a must if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, and I’m pretty sure Lorelai Gilmore is his second-favorite mom, too.


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