Where Are They Now: Kids Incorporated (Part 1)

In the early 90s, there was a hot debate among those stupid rich kids who were lucky to have the Disney Channel: Kids Incorporated or Mickey Mouse Club? It was like Beatles vs Stones all over again. Or, maybe more like The Monkees vs. The Turtles, because let’s be real, these shows weren’t known for their greatness and innovation.

I think history has spoken on this one. Overall, the 80s-90s update of MMC had a better future star to future nobody ratio. Sure, there were a few Jennifer McGills and Thomanita Booths in there (who are probably lovely, lovely people). However, the later seasons produced Keri Russell, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling. All Kids Incorporated has to show for itself is Fergie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mario Lopez, and Eric Balfour. Okay, I suppose that’s pretty good. But what about all of the others? Where are THEY now? A few websites had updates on the successful few, but I wondered about everyone else.

Eric Balfour  ( 1991)

I just… you know, thought we’d start off strong here. You’re welcome.

Guys, we got this. Milo from 24, Gabe from Six Feet Under, Eddie from The O.C. Let’s move on to the cast members that are a little harder to track down, shall we?

Charlie Brady (1993)

    According to IMDB, Brady takes multiple honors classes. Considering he was born in 1979, these classes are either of the “zumba and decoupage at the Learning Annex” variety, or his bio is roughly 20 years out of date.

    In 2006, Brady appeared on Law and Order as a uniformed cop. If I am ever an extra on Law and Order, I will just say that I appeared as an undercover or non-uniformed cop, which will make it sound like I had a role.

    Charlie is a successful stage actor, having appeared in national tours (Les Mis), regional theatre, and a Lincoln Centre production of South Pacific.

    He has also been on some soaps and graduated from Carnegie Mellon, where he presumably took honors classes.

Nicole Brown (1992–1993)

    It looks like Brown stopped acting in 1997, after a guest spot on Smart Guy, which is as good a place as any to leave off. But she wasn’t done with Hollywood, apparently! Brown has racked up an impressive series of credits as an executive producer and co-producer, on films great (50/50, Whip It, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and small (Harold and Kumar’s 3-D Christmas, which apparently happened).

    It’s really hard to Google a photo of her, on account of search engines being all “Are you sure you didn’t mean Nicole Brown Simpson? Was that Yvette Nicole Brown?” No, Google. It freakin’ wasn’t.

Dena Burton (1993)

I think that’s her in the middle.

    Burton was in If These Walls Could Talk – I think the one with abortion, not the one with lesbians. She also guest starred on 90s favs like ER, Ellen, and Party of Five.

It might be another Dena Burton, but it seems like she went to Howard University and is now a fashion designer.

Jared Delgin (1992)

Patented early 90s child actor haircut.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Jared Delgin has a sad but sort of poetically terse Wikipedia entry: “Jared Delgin (born 1977) is an american former actor. He was only Jared on Kids Incorporated – Season 8 in 1992.”

ONLY Jared? I’m sure the person who created the “Jared Delgin Forever” playlist that is totally on Youtube would beg to differ.

He has a Google+ page but hasn’t shared anything with me. He, or someone with his name, is licensed to practice law in California. If it is him, he want to Stanford for undergrad, then Harvard Law. Only Jared, indeed.

Moosie Drier (1984–1988)

Presumably before his stint on Kids Inc. This is the patented 1970s child actor haircut.

Apparently, Moosie had one heck of a child actor career before he even landed on Kids Inc, at which point he was already 20 years old. I clearly do not remember this. Did they have a college junior who used to come and hang out sometimes?

It looks like Moosie (Moosie, guys) mostly stopped acting in the early 90s, but came back in 2000 to appear on Jack and Jill, a show I almost remember. He is now an occasional director and voice actor.

Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson  (1983–1991)

If you don’t know who Fergie is I can try to help, but you may be beyond it. After Kids Inc, she joined girl group Wild Orchid, whose main function was hosting a lip sync show on then-Fox Family. Then, she had a brief stint with meth, though her face and teeth appear largely unscathed. She then joined Black Eyed Peas, where she may or may not have wet herself on stage. It was huge in internet gossip of, like, 6 years ago. She went solo, married Josh Duhamel, and got pregnant. She is AMAZING at spelling.

Kenny Ford (1988–1992)

Kenny Ford dabbled in acting for a few years after Kids Incorporated, then left the big and small screen for about 16 years. In 2012, he appeared as a choir member in House Arrest. He may (but may not) be the frontman of The Kenny Ford Band, part of a party band company. I did not know that party band companies existed, but I am mildly tickled by the idea of having a former Kids Incorporated kid as my wedding entertainment. He is definitely in The Chalan Ford Band, though.

Like the rest of us, Kenny Ford last logged into Myspace in 2010. Actually, I’m amazed he made it that far. He was working on a solo project at the time, so who knows, maybe he isn’t in a wedding band.

Anthony Harrell (1993)

You may remember Anthony as Eric Little from Saved By The Bell: The New Class. SBTB:TNC was part of the “teen” Saturday morning lineup, which I don’t think actual teens watched — but my 10-year-old self was all over it.

He is the former lead singer of an R&B group called Brutha, which is spelled that way so that people like me are forced to sound awkward when we say it. Evidently there was a short-lived reality show about the group in 2008.The men in Brutha were all brothers, which I am pronouncing rhotically as hell as I type this. Brotherrrrrr. Seriously, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people telling me which colloquial pronunciations to use. I’m looking at you, everyone who uses the word “li’l” in place of “little.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt  (1989–1991)

You all know about Jennifer Love Hewitt already. I mean, I know – without even having to look it up – that she wrote a book in which she sings the praises of vajazzling*. So yeah, I’d say her personal life is pretty out there if you want to find it. Or, if – like me – you really, really, really don’t.

  • *  If you want a date to end extra-terribly, I suggest leaning close to your date’s ear, fixing him with a meaningful stare, and whispering”I vajazzled.”

Edit: As of 6.4.2013, Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly pregnant with the child of her Client List costar Brian Hallisay. Curious, as vajazzling is commonly understood to be a barrier to conception.

Anastasia Horne (1991–1993)

Someone has a heck of a Facebook fan page for Anastasia Horne. I hope it isn’t Anastasia herself, because that’s a little like throwing yourself a surprise party. She stopped acting about 10 years ago.

According to IMDB, her trademark is “her smile.” I didn’t study intellectual property law too closely, but I don’t think it’s a valid trademark. If you can trademark facial expressions that all humans can make, I pick blinking. Blinking is my trademark now.

Haylie Johnson (1991–1993)

Picture clearly from the late 90s/early 2000s. That SHIRT. 1999, go home. You’re drunk.

Guys. Her little sister was Ashley Johnson, the curly-haired girl who replaced Chrissy Seaver in Growing Pains. I had a weird love/hate relationship with that show as a tot because (1) my name was in the theme song and (2) Chrissy and I had the same hairdo. As for Haylie, though? She’s married to Jonny Lang, so I’d say she’s doing just fine, thanks. They have a few kids.

Gratuitous photo of Jonny Lang.

Watch this space, because we’ll be back with updates on the rest of the non-famous Kids Incorporated cast!


6 thoughts on “Where Are They Now: Kids Incorporated (Part 1)

  1. Fun to see some updates on the “non”-famous and famous alike, hehe 😉 I just wanted to maybe point you in the right direction with a few of the pictures? Dena Burton is *not* the girl in the middle of that pic – that’s Martika! 🙂 Dena was the third of the soda jerks, from the 1993 season. Moosie Drier was the first of the soda jerks, Riley, from 1984-1988. Yanno, the resident adult standins to mediate and solve the Kids’ various problems? Shocking that they weren’t that much older than the Kids themselves, LOL. (And yes, Moosie was also a child actor in the 70s – you obvs know your haircuts!!)


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