Saturday Spotlight: Everywhere Y’all Look

This week we wrote about Traci’s return to Austin, Texas and discussed  Danny Tanner’s parenting techniques. We covered how our long-time Broadway favs fared at the Tony Awards, and examined binge-watch types as we celebrated the new season of Orange Is The New Black. We also rejoiced over the long-awaited (for people other than us) return of the World Cup. It’s almost like our old familiar friends really ARE waitin’ just around the bend.

Highs And Lows: The 2014 Tony Awards

Low, like literally vacillating between 0 and 5 inches off the ground: Hugh Jackman, hopping for the entire opening sequence

At first I thought this was a reference to something … theatre-y, or Australian, or pop cultural that I didn’t know about. But according to Twitter, if there was a reference, nobody got it. Is hopping something that’s happening? The new parkour?

Way, way up high, like when I was watching this and my heart felt like it was being elevated by the fluttering wings of butterflies: Pinkham Bryce’s performance in A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder

I think I get frustrated with some shows that seem like they’re catering to the least common denominator. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a show is actually clever. And Pinkham Bryce, well … he’s sort of easy on the eyes, isn’t he?


Camp Cookies + Sangria: Field Trip to Austin, Texas

To Do

Texas State Capitol

{1100 Congress Avenue}

Even if you’re not into going to visit historical places, the building itself is gorgeous. It’s located in Downtown Austin, and takes over a massive 51 acres. You can go in and look around for free, and there are even tours to learn about the history of the building, and you know, Texas.

Alamo Drafthouse

{320 East 6th Street}

The ATX Fest has screenings at this awesome movie theater which also serves as a bar/restaurant. You can order food and drinks directly to your seat, and not just popcorn. I’m talking like burgs and beer. I’ve never been for a regular movie, but they also have cool events like sing-a-longs and showings of older movies, which sounds awesome.

What Type Of TV Binge-Watcher Are You?

The Survivalist

When I was a kid, in my grandparents’ rural town in the Southern Tier of New York, there was an establishment called The Y2K Store. It stocked hand warmers, canned foods, hand-cranked radios – everything that a slightly paranoid individual would need to survive the … was it a giant computer crash? … that was supposed to happen on 01/01/00. When “the Survivalist” approaches a TV marathon, that is the kind of commitment they bring to it. If you are a Survivalist, then when you say you are going to binge watch a show, you mean it: you are going to intake a ton of television, in a short span of time, to the possible detriment of your physical health. You are going to start with the first episode and end with the last. Not hunger, nor thirst, nor sleep, nor the need to pee will interfere with your tv time. You approach your TV binge like those creepy people who are into ‘survivalism’ and ‘homesteading’ and ‘end times.’ You stock up every food item you might need, charge your phone, and account for any possible disaster. What if you start to get a bit of hay fever? No problem: you have tissues and nasal spray. You may even do those airplane exercises to keep from getting deep vein thrombosis. You may have a catheter.

The Lazy-Face

If you claim that you’re “totally about to binge-watch the whole new season of Orange Is The New Black!,” but it takes you two weeks to finish the series, that is not binge-watching. That is just watching. If you had a single course of your Thanksgiving dinner every night for two weeks – mashed potatoes one day, stuffing the other, yam casserole the next – you wouldn’t really be able to say “man, I ate SO MUCH for Thanksgiving!” In the same way, you cannot brag about watching an “entire season of a tv show!” if you spread it out like that. Now, you lazy-faces may try to claim that you are out there doing things and going places and therefore, the actual binge tv watchers are the real lazy-faces. To that, I say that I hope you enjoy your hikes and concerts and real-life friendships, but you are still not a binge watcher.

GOOOOAALLLL!! Ranking The Best World Cup Songs

2) Wavin’ Flag by K’naan feat. David Bisbal

{South Africa 2010}

Okay, so this song wasn’t the official track for South Africa that year – Shakira took that title. But K’naan – a Somalia-born Canadian – wrote this song inspired by the stories of refugees, and that theme of not giving up, both in the face of adversity and as simple as losing a soccer match, is what makes this song perfect for the World Cup.

1) The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin

{France 1998}

Like many people who tuned into the 1999 Grammy Awards, I distinctly remember watching Ricky Martin perform this, and that’s when my crush formed for this Latin heartthrob. It’s everything that a sports anthem should be – upbeat, catchy, celebratory, and include lyrics that everyone can remember and sing along to. It’s hard not to feel pumped up for a game – or for anything in life for that matter – when hearing this song.


The Anatomy Of A Danny Tanner “Dad Talk”

(1) Kid Screws Up

There are so many ways a kid can screw up! Go to a makeout party. Skip out on kindergarten. Tackle Cousin Steve during a rousing game of flag football. Go joy-riding during Equestrian lessons (God, how did I not notice that Michelle was such a rich little brat?) and lose your memory after falling off your horse. Call a classmate “duck face.” Intentionally screw up your Motown Philly routine. If the house was full of anything, it was youthful indiscretions.

(2) Dad Talk Commences

At the end of an episode, Danny sits one of his kids down – usually in their bedroom – and gives one of those Jerry Springer Sermons. I understand that that’s a dated reference but if you’re reading about Danny Tanner Dad Talks, I think you’ll get it. Other things to make you feel old: the Danny Tanner of the Pilot is only 29 years old – which means he was a teen dad. Why is this never discussed?? It gives you a whole new perspective on Danny and Poor Dead Pam, doesn’t it? Another we’re-so-old aside: to children watching Full House reruns today, the show is as old as Brady Bunch reruns were to us 90s kids. Yikes.

Back to the Dad Talks. If it’s a Very Special Episode, the Dad Talk may be delivered by a different cast member. For instance, when Michelle didn’t want Jesse to move out BECAUSE HE WAS A GROWN-ASS MAN WITH A WIFE, he delivered the Dad Talk about how she’d always be his munchkin. Then Jesse forced his wife and, later, two children, to live in the Tanner attic (Jane Eyre!), like what was up with this family’s boundary issues? Aunt Becky delivered the Dad Talk when D.J. had one of those Family TV 72-Hour Eating Disorders (see also: Lizzie Maguire, Roseanne).


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