Saturday Spotlight: Even Better Than The Real Thing?

This week, we learned that the real thing isn’t always the best. Watching Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour is way better on TV, where you don’t have a 20-year-old on molly throwing up on you (I don’t actually know what molly makes people do). The illusion that the stars of The Notebook and Gilmore Girls actually like each other is better than the sad reality. Watching camp movies can be more fun than actually going to camp, particularly if you’re an adult and it would be creepy. Greg Poehler is … okay, I’m not going to say better than Amy Poehler, but why do we have to pick favorites? He’s the new sibling on the NBC block and his show is delightful. And imagining that you’re a Mormon Mommy Blogger is better than actually raising seven children inside a life-sized Pinterest board.


WTF Moments From Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour

  • Everything in me wants to not write Bangerz with a Z. It sounds like a Nerf toy, right? Or a headband with attached bangs that you could buy at Claire’s or The Icing.
  •  Miley says that she wants people to feel “safe” at her concert and she feels like a “leader.” To highlight Miley’s attention to “safety” and “leadership,” a giant version of her head with googly eyes appear on stage and gigantic Frisbees fly out of her mouth.
  • Miley wears a sparkly gingham bikini-outfit with what appears to be a muppet pelt about her shoulders. It’s like Dorothy Gale, as imagined by someone on molly.
  • Line dancing furries. Gingham animations. Lyrics about red bull and “pit bulls in heat.” Dammit, NBC. I have defended you so many times. So many times.


Shattered Dreams: Onscreen Couple Edition

Rachel McAdams + Ryan Gosling {The Notebook}

So more about this. Apparently this story has been floating around for a while, but it was only until recently when the movie’s director Nick Cassavetes said in an interview that Ryan wanted Rachel booted from the set of their epic movie. Apparently Rachel and Ryan weren’t getting along that particular day of filming so Ryan was all, ‘I’m over it. Make her leave and gimme another actress to work with’ (not verbatim). And Nick was all, ‘Um, calm down bruh’ and Ryan started yelling at one of the producers and eventually came back to work opposite Rachel. Yikes. Well, it was still fun while it lasted.


Camp Cookies + Sangria: Movies And TV Shows For The Camper In You

The Parent Trap

The movie: The Parent Trap – Hayley Mills and Lindsay Lohan versions alike – is tween girl wish-fulfillment, served straight-up. Think about it: realizing you have a secret twin. Living in London with a cool wedding gown designer mom, or in Napa with a fun dad and horses. Divorced parents reconciling. And the big one — spending six weeks at a camp where you’re given free reign to play poker, pull elaborate pranks, pierce your ears and try out a new hairstyle. No, really — where were the counselors?

For would-be campers who: are, or ever were, an 11-year-old girl; or, who want to give 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan a hug, a copy of a 2007-era US Weekly or Star Magazine, and a stern talking-to.


Welcome to Poehlerland

Greg Poehler is the Ultimate ‘If They Mated’

g poehlsAs I was watching the pilot, the similarities between Greg Poehler and Greg Kinnear were obvious, but then there was this one scene where Greg P looked and reminded me exactly of Mike Schur. For you folks that aren’t comedy nerds, Mike is the creator/executive producer/writer of Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and previously served as a writer on shows like SNL and The Office – the latter of which he appeared as Dwight’s weird cousin Mose. While Greg may be a physical doppelganger to both of these men, he also has their combined talents. Greg K. is obviously a super talented actor, and likewise, Greg P. shows off both his comedic and dramatic styles in Welcome to Sweden. And like Mike Schur, Greg has taken on the task of becoming a multi-hyphenate for the series as an actor, writer and executive producer. Obviously as viewers, we only get to see the acting side of it, but boy I’m telling you, he does a great job at balancing all three.

You’ll Have Wanderlust for Sweden

I’m gonna be honest with you – I’ve never *dreamed* about going to Sweden. If someone asked me if I could go anywhere in the world right now, Sweden wouldn’t be at the top of the list (but it wouldn’t be at the bottom either). However, after watching the show, it’s definitely moving up. In the interview above, Amy says Sweden is still enigmatic to most Americans – which couldn’t be more true. We have very limited knowledge of the country (Ikea), and I think Welcome to Sweden will “put it on the map”. The culture in particular seems so intriguing, because they’re so weiiirrd. There are a bunch of culture-y references in the pilot that we probably won’t get but the Swedes probably lapped it all up. Anyone up for a Scandinavian vacay?


My Secret Mormon Mommy Blogger Fantasy Life

Speaking of outfits, if I were a Mormon Mommy Blogger, I’d also dress like a cat from a Richard Scarry book. I assume there would be a lot of stuff from Anthro and Modcloth in my closet. But as a proper Mormon Mommy Blogger, I’d probably have a Mormon Mommy Blogger friend with an Etsy shop who gives me free clothes in exchange for plugs. I bet I’d like that part. I would be really into statement necklaces and, I think, hair accessories. Every day I’d look like a baby from one of those newborn photoshoots where they stick big stuff on their head. My color palette would best be described as “Wes Anderson-y” or “Deschanelesque.”

If I were a Mormon Mommy Blogger, I’d cop to flaws to seem more human, like the leading lady in a rom-com who is beautiful and accomplished, but also trips a lot. For instance, maybe I’d be a little too obsessed with some type of cute dessert. It couldn’t be Hostess Snowballs or vending machine ice cream sandwiches or anything that you can picture coating your insides with First World Diseases. It could be gelato or some sort of attractive donut, though.

My fatal flaw: I love eating a single, picturesque macaron after a long day shopping for cute fabrics that I definitely know what to do with.


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