Comic-Con Fashion: Not An Oxymoron

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Comic-Con fashion” I think of some sort of Nerd Halloween, with grown-ass adults dressed up as superheroes and like … aliens, maybe? Which I’m not even making fun of – I love when grown-ups act ridiculous and don’t care if they look cool. But as we all know, comic-con isn’t just for nerds anymore. While some of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con attendees were still taking the opportunity to play dress-up, others were seriously bringing it.

Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones star took “comic book fashion” quite literally, with this dress made out of straight-up comic books. She’s young (17!) and at a fun event instead of the more serious ones she usually goes to – you know, like the Emmys or Golden Globes or death weddings or shooting people with arrows (I know, I know, I should be watching Game of Thrones, but I’ve waited so long that it would be a real commitment at this stage, which is the same reason I haven’t learned to knit or joined CrossFit yet). Comic-Con might be the only place it’s okay to wear a dress like this and I’m glad Maisie went for it.

Nina Dobrev in Naeem Khan

If someone has access to this ensemble, and also access to a lot of money, please buy it for me. A lot of the time when an outfit has this sort of floral print, it is also kind of unfortunately clustered around the pelvis area, like a crotch-garden. But not here.

Crotch garden.

Dobrev’s outfit has the same embroidered boho feel, but the white and ink blue combo is refreshing and simple, and the pattern on the shorts is straight across instead of those weird “this is where the magic happens” pelvic blooms.

Emma Roberts in Tanya Taylor

Am I the only one who’s turned the corner on crop tops? But, you know, classy crop tops, not the scuzzy short t-shirt my brother’s Little League coach used to wear circa 1992 (if I had to describe the coach in five words or less, they would have to be “big man, tiny mullet” or maybe “should he be around kids?”). Anyway, Emma is showing how the crop top should be done, with a printed high-waisted skirt and pink heels. Honestly, this is a ladylike crop-top situation – it can be done. Also if you tell a psychologist what you can see in those dress splotches they can tell if you have any deep-seated mental issues.

Elle Fanning in Christopher Kane

Do you think that Elle Fanning thinks about awkward phases the same way the rest of us think about weird diseases on The Discovery Channel – something unfortunate that happens to other people, but that ultimately you just can’t relate to? I love that she always goes for the playful, young looks that just look silly or try-hard on anyone over 25 —  or really anyone without the face, hair and complexion of a baby angel.

Cate Blanchett in Fausto Puglisi

This is a case of the right lady in the right dress. If I wore this, it would look like I had grabbed a home-sewn Halloween costume off of the 50% off rack at Goodwill. But on Cate Blanchett, it looks like something that only the classiest of broads would wear.

Sarah Paulson in Lela Rose

So, I read a mean person on the internet saying that they hated this, but you know what? I’m a nice person on the internet and I think she looks pretty. I will admit that the cutout trend has me really concerned about everyone’s tan-lines — in the same abstract way that Elle Fanning thinks about awkward phases, because we all know that I can’t tan. But assuming everything was indoors this is really fun and besides, Comic-Con is the perfect venue for your less-serious outfits.

Sophie Turner in Tata Naka

Anyone who can say “fuck it, I’m going to find an appropriate venue for it and then I’m going to wear an alphabet-print adult romper” is probably a lot of fun — which slightly undercuts my jealousy that Turner can actually pull off an alphabet-print adult romper.

Ashley Madekwe in McQ by Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior

That metallic print skirt and minimalist hair? Flawless. Anyone else remember in junior high when everyone used to call those tiny accent pockets “condom pockets” and felt really edgy about it? (We went to Catholic school if that helps).

Jessica Alba in Tanya Taylor and Zimmerman

Ugh. Stop. The only negative thing I can say about how Jessica Alba looks as a person is that maybe her shoes are a little dangerous? And the skirt has a lot going on? Yeah, I got nothing.


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