ICYMI: Disillusions with The Bell

Sadly Saved by the Bell Week must come to a close, and we’ve had a lot of fun reliving our youth by taking a look back at one of our favorite 90s shows. Even if the plot lines were ridiculous.

Doing Lines: Saved by the Bell

Listen. I think we’re all on the same page when I say while Saved by the Bell is one of the most beloved TV shows of kids who grew up in the 90s, it’s not the best in terms of, say, storytelling or acting. It’s a show for teens and tweens, and in cases like myself, children under the age of 10. But because it was geared towards a younger crowd, they could get away with more ridiculous storylines, something that they wouldn’t have been able to get away with on “adult” programming.

That being said, we’re back with another installment of our Doing Lines series (you can catch the other ones here), and this time we’re heading to the Pacific Palisades and seeing what kind of trouble the kids got into during their five-year stint in high school.

Season 1

Episode 3 {The Gift}

Fun fact: the image on the TV is an exterior shot of John F. Kennedy Junior High School from Good Morning, Miss Bliss!!

Screech gets struck by lighting and suddenly has a superpower where he knows what will happen before it happens. Also, he acquires an afro.

 Episode 8 {Cream for a Day}

Screech accidentally invents a zit cream in chemistry class, which gets rid of pimples overnight. Kelly wins homecoming queen but uses the cream the night before – too bad the cream makes everyone’s face maroon.

Episode 11 {The Friendship Business}

Zack leads the gang in a project for business class, in which they have to create and market a product. They choose an item called Buddy Bands, but when their company becomes successful, the power gets to Zack’s head and Kelly, Jessie and Slater decide to make their own friendship-related item, Love Cuffs. Also, this timeless commercial.

Episode 14 {The Zack Tapes}

Zack learns about subliminal messaging and attempts to trick Kelly into going to the dance with him with a sneaky cassette tape. She finds out and decides to turn the tables on him. Ah the troubles of being a teen heartthrob. 


And the insanity didn’t end there – SBTB’s (mostly) unrealistic happenings went on beyond high school, in the glorious one season that was Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

Expectations Vs. Reality: Saved by the Bell The College Years

sbtb college

In 1993, the men of Bayside High left Mr. Belding behind and continued on to higher education by attending California University. Now if they were real, which in all honesty they sometimes are in my head, Zack Morris, AC Slater and Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers kicked off their journey exactly 20 years ago this week. “20 YEARS?!”, you say? Yeah. 20 years. 1993 was 20 years ago, and 2003 was 10 years ago, a fact that I always always fail to believe.

Just like real life, Saved by the Bell (the high school era) ended in May, and months later, the crew started college in September and while the constant repeats made us believe this iteration ran on for approx 2 seasons, it actually only ran for 19 episodes. That’s 19 episodes for young, impressionable kids to find out what college life is like through a fake TV show. Seriously, I didn’t know anyone in college at the time, so what I saw on SBTB was what I assumed college (and high school for that matter) was going to be like.

Of course, now I know that it wasn’t really supposed to be treated as a college bible.


All your best friends will go to the same college as you.

Not only will your gang ALL be accepted into the same school, but you will all decide to go there TOGETHER.


You will go to college alone.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a buddy or two. Otherwise, man up and find new friends.


You will share a spacious triple and suite with your roommates


You will be crammed into a double with a stranger

Robin Scherbatsky’s cubicle is roughly the size of a normal college dorm room.


You will meet a dreamy boyfriend/girlfriend – and that person will be your professor

Oh Professor Lasky. He was a handsome, single dad who crossed the line with his student/babysitter. At least you’re the reason Kelly decided to finally tie the knot with Zack.


You will date randoms and half of them will probably be gay

That’s what college is for, right?


You will be forced to join a sorority/fraternity and undergo a ridiculous hazing process

And that hazing process will include Nickelodeon slime and a frat leader who is actually the younger version of Billy Chambers from Scandal.


You don’t have to join Greek Life at all

Nothing against Greek Life, but if you’re like me and are too lazy and poor to join an organized group of friends, this will be a relief.


You will be able to redecorate anything and everything in your dorm

And your suite (which connects the boys room to the girls room) will be big enough for a poker table in the living room.


No tacks, staples, tape on the walls, no microwave, no hot plate, no fridge, and absolutely no room for anything.

In reality, not a big deal. But still annoying.


Turning a dorm room into a rave will be super easy and fun and include stolen nitrous oxide from the science department

Painting the walls black will be a breeze! And all these people in a small area won’t break any RA-set sound ordinances or anything.


You won’t even go to rave, just a bunch of house parties in dingy apartments/basements, fill your red solo cups with indiscernable types of alcohol

Honestly, all part of the college experience and worth the vomiting for the anecdotes


You will befriend a lab monkey who later escapes but then comes back

Screenshot 2014-09-03 23.29.34

This was an actual plot line. And that chimp is actually wearing a dress.


No monkeys. No monkeys at all.

Thank God. Although it sounds kinda fun, no? Yeah, no.


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