Saturday Spotlight: Very Special Holiday Episode

You know what TV show I want to watch? The one that’s all Christmas episodes, all the time. I guess you sort of need to know and love characters the rest of the year in order to care what happens to them at Christmas … but you can’t deny that those are the best ones. Maybe it’s because in real life, a “Christmas episode” is an awful fit or fuss you feel like having during the holidays. It’s not easy! But this week, we tried to celebrate holiday episodes – both the television variety and the “conniption fit” sort.

  • Some of our favorite shows – The Mindy Project, Marry Me, Selfie, and so on – owe a lot to the romantic comedy. We listed our favorite holiday rom coms, because what is a Christmas romcom but a two-hour holiday episode?
  • And every Christmas episode needs a good soundtrack, of course. Some may say that the 40s and 50s were the prime Christmas music era – Bing Crosby, Judy Garland – but those people have forgotten about Platinum Christmas, the pop compilation released by Jive Records in 2000. But we haven’t! Because we ranked all of the tracks.
  • Now, for an entirely different kind of episode – a fit of head-shaking and side-eye. Yes, this week was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and we were WTF-ing all the way!
  • The trouble with Christmas episodes: they signify the beginning of the “winter hiatus.” All your stories are taking a long winter’s nap, but here are shows to fill the shoes of all of your favs in the meantime.
  • Most likely to trigger the bad kind of Christmas episode: SHOPPING. Subscription boxes make it easy, but we can think of a few that don’t exist, but should. Pupsididoo, the foster puppy delivery service? We’ll take it!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Spotlight: Very Special Holiday Episode

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