Saturday Spotlight: Adios 2014!

Hey, 2014. You’re over. Everything about you is over. Including the following:

  • These songs that were all over the airwaves in 2014, and that we hope we never have to listen to again.
  • All of the holiday proposals that took on Christmas and New Year’s Eve… unfortunately, we only have a moment to catch our breath before it’s time to gear up for another round on Valentine’s Day. Hey, gents: please, please don’t propose on any of these cliche holidays.
  • Okay, so Oregon Trail the game has been over for like 15 years. And Oregon Trail, the thing with covered wagons and Donner parties, ended like 150 years ago. But that awful period where we couldn’t play the Oregon Trail floppy disk game? THAT ended in 2014. Caulk your wagon, kiddos, Oregon Trail is back!
  • This may just be wishful thinking, but can that thing where everyone on The Bachelor has a made-up sounding job stay in 2014? No? They have ridiculous jobs this season too? Fine.
  • Finally, you know what can stay firmly behind the borders of 2014? Your former self. You can meet your New Year’s Resolutions. Take it from someone who… admittedly doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions. But I do work out and eat healthy and have suggestions for things you can buy to start your year off right.

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