Saturday Spotlight: My Top Superbowl Snack Is My Feelings

Okay, I will not be eating my feelings on Superbowl Sunday. Probably just guacamole. But if I were an emotional eater, Superbowl would be a minefield – where all the mines were full of bleu cheese.

Childhood: My home team made it to the big game when I was 4, 5, and 6 years old. My parents had a shrine to the team with streamers and newspaper clippings, we had cookie cakes in the team colors, and when my uncle had surgery during the post-season, an effigy of Uncle Bruce sat in the La-Z-Boy for the game. My cousins, siblings and I wrote and performed plays about the big game – because again, I am not a sports person.

Then the team lost every time, because it was the Buffalo Bills.

College: During my semester in Spain, we all went to a bar in the middle of the night to watch the game, and I felt more American than I ever did in America.

The next year, my first nephew – the first grandchild and great-grandchild in my family – was born on Superbowl Sunday. Both of my brothers were expecting their first sons that week . The second baby was born on Valentine’s Day, and those kiddos really brightened up two blah holidays that year.

Law school: In the middle of the game, my parents got a call that my grandpa – the last grandparent left – got in a minor car accident. He had had a major heart attack while driving. After a dramatic helicopter flight to Buffalo (the source of so many Superbowl joys and disappointments already), he died that night. The birth of my first nephew and death of my last grandparent, united by a game that I don’t even care about. Oh. And my grandpa won his Superbowl pool that year. What a freaking weird holiday.

Now: There are some good things about the Superbowl. There are some bad things about the Superbowl. Then, regular life continues around the Superbowl. I think our posts from this week sum that up really well:

  • If you aren’t into the Superbowl, you can watch the REAL game – the Puppy Bowl! We aren’t into fantasy football, but Traci compiled a Puppy Bowl dream team in Fantasy Cute Animal Bowl.
  • And athletes are kind of fun, right? I know absolutely nothing about Tom Brady, but I have a few things I’m WILLING to believe about him. Basically, that he’s a modern adult version of a little boy from the 1950s.
  • Ugh PARENTHOOD. If I’m super emotional this Superbowl, it’s because I still start blubbering every time I think about the last 2 minutes or so of the finale. That’s not new for Parenthood – on a scale from One Crying Ambers to Five Crying Ambers, it was a teary series.
  • Then, there’s the totally non-Superbowl stuff that happens. Like, Emma Watson was cast in Beauty and the Beast, so we decided to cast Harry Potter actors in all our favorite Disney cartoons.
  • Finally, because we’ve learned that Superbowl week is super Circle Of Life, Traci just entered the last year of her 20s! And the decade is going out with a bang, because she came up with an amazing 30 before 30 list.

Whether you live for Superbowl Sunday, don’t really care, or are just in it for the snacks and the puppies, I hope that yours is a happy one!


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