Saturday Spotlight: Spring Back?

Usually we take our Saturday post at the beginning and end of U.S. Daylight Savings Time to remind you to set your clocks ahead or back. But this week, with our throwback posts to ’00s Disney Channel Original Movies and 90s Kids’ Choice Awards, it feels more like we’re springing back.

It’s still ahead though, guys. Turn your clocks ahead. Then take it way, way back with our posts from this week:

  • If you’ve ever been caught in a Wikipedia or Google time-suck vortex, you’ll relate to Internet Holes I’ve Fallen Down. Of course, plenty of those internet holes arise from looking up blasts-from-the-past like litters of children who were born in the ’90s, or babies who fell down the well 30 years ago.
  • But you don’t really want to be stuck in the past, which means sometimes you have to watch a whole series in one go, as in When Binge-Watching Isn’t A Choice. Those who fall behind get left behind.
  • For a truly modern TV show you should be watching, catch Shows You Should Be Watching If You Aren’t Already: Empire. Like all zeitgeist-y entertainment, it contains flashbacks to the ’90s, the decade that refuses to quit.
  • We all watched them: Disney Channel Original Movies. So do they stand up 15 years later? Find out in #TBT: 50 Shades Of The Color Of Friendship.
  • Speaking of things that are stuck in the 90s, remember using your family’s wall-tethered telephone to vote for the Kids’ Choice Awards? We examined the childhood staple in SLIMED: A 90s Kids’ Choice Awards Retrospective.

Reset those clocks, try to catch up on your sleep, and we’ll see you on Monday when we spring back to the future (part II) (you know, the one in 2015).


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