Saturday Spotlight: 3.14 1:59

Happy Pi Day! How are you celebrating? I’m celebrating by  firing off our post roundup at 3/14, 1:59 … then doing no more math for the rest of the day, except for the stuff necessary to conduct daily life. That’s zero math, for all you “numbers people.”

I think it would be so cool to be good at and interested in math. Always have. But math was the bane of my high school existence. See, my junior high let the “smart kids” skip 8th grade math, and take 9th grade math instead. However, my teacher was out for over half the year, the substitutes didn’t really teach anything, and by the end of 8th grade we only had got through about half of the textbook. I passed the New York State regents somehow, then began high school with 10th grade math… with my last full, proper year of math education being in 7th grade. I never really caught up. But if you DO love math, I hope you do some great … theorems? … today!

That was all just a tangent (SEE. MATH) to bring you the posts you may have missed this week. I couldn’t derive (MATH) a theme from them otherwise, so sorry if this doesn’t add up (MATH FOREVER. I’M REALLY TRYING.).


One thought on “Saturday Spotlight: 3.14 1:59

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