Saturday Spotlight: You Used To Be Cool

Cool has a short life span. What’s awesome one year is so out the next. If you tell me you haven’t googled something like “are flowered jeans still okay” – or at least thought it – you’re either lying, or much have a better innate sense of cool than I do. We explored that a bit this week:

  • Main thing that used to be cool? The weather! But spring is here and … who am I kidding, it’s still like 25 degrees. But soon we’ll all be able to say that it USED to be cool. Until then, enjoy this spring playlist that’s sort of all over the place because we forgot to decide what we meant by “beat the winter blahs.” Except that we were both pretty sure it included showtunes and 90s pop jams.
  • GLEE. Glee used to be cool. We both watched the first few seasons faithfully, but our interest waned. The finale aired last night, and it reminded us of better times, back when there were awesome mashups and great dance numbers every week.
  • Do you remember when you were a little kid and Starbucks was just the coolest thing you had ever heard of? Then it just became a functional chain place where you went to get your pre-work coffee. And THEN it became the place a barista would talk at you about race. We miss the old days, but couldn’t help but add a few uncomfy Starbucks conversation starters of our own.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is the biggest reminder that we, too, used to be cool. Maybe not. But we did used to be people who would drink casually during the daytime. Honestly, can’t say we miss it. Still, you might relate to this drinking chronology, from suburban mom drinks to cheap beer to “can I just have a glass of wine then go to bed at a reasonable time?”
  • Some of the things that used to be cool are downright baffling. For instance, ducks in bonnets. Yes, really. Also, geese in aprons. The 90s were weird.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and remember: whatever it is that you find super-cool right now, it’s already well on its way to “used to be cool” territory.


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