Saturday Spotlight: It’s A Zayn-y World

What a crazy world we live in! The whole internet universe has gone topsy-turvy, and it’s all over a young man named Zayn Malik who used to be in a band, and isn’t now. That’s not the only thing that’s wacky this week, but it’s like … 2/5 of the wackiness. Well, in terms of our blog posts anyway:

  • Now that One Direction has lost a member, maybe they’re looking to replace him? We have some suggestions.
  • Also, Directioners are posting crying selfies and shrine vines, and it’s okay. We care about pop culture too. But we’re giving them five days to short that shit out and then we’re drawing the line.
  • When I was the Directioners’ age, I was watching MTV’s Spring Break and forming ideas about what my college trips would be like. Then I went to Panama City Beach in college and learned that it was, if possible, even cheesier and trashier than I ever could have imagined.
  • Some other zaniness coming up soon: April Fools’ Day. This may surprise you, but we are not fans. At all. What are pranks but a joke where the punchline is “you believed me, and we all just wasted a lot of time?”
  • Finally, something crazy-good: James Corden is hosting a late-night talk show! If you don’t know much about him, here’s everything you need to know about your new favorite British entertainer.

Have a great Saturday, and may all your weekend zaniness be the good kind!


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