Saturday Spotlight: It’s My Party

The world is my party, friends! And I’ll cry (if it’s a surprise party), flounce (if I’m wearing an Easter Bonnet), or slumber (if it’s an adult slumber party) if I want to. You can, too, with our weekly post-party:

Surprise Party: If it’s a surprise party you’re after, we strongly, STRONGLY encourage you to reconsider. Because they’re the kind of party they throw for the devil. There are a lot of things to hate about surprise parties.

Sleepover Party: Who remembers begging their mom to let them have a slumber party back in the day? Now that we’re adults, we don’t need permission, but sleepovers are still the best. Kids’ sleepovers vs adult sleepovers: the only difference is the amount of sleep you’ll get. Sometimes.

Ugly Easter Bonnet Party: Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of an Ugly Easter Bonnet party? That’s because we just invented them. We figured since ugly sweater parties have taken over the yuletide season, and there’s nothing really fun for adults to do at Easter, let’s make Easter bonnets the new Christmas sweater!

April Fools Party: Imagine thinking a really awesome party was supposed to happen, and then – jokes’ on you! – it didn’t. That’s what an April Fools party would be, I guess. And that’s also what life is like now for Happy Endings fans, after the “new day” turned out to be nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is why April Fools’ Day is as cursed as Penny’s birthdays.

20th Birthday Party: What does everyone celebrating their 20th birthday from this point onward have in common? They’ve never lived in a world without the frappuccino. As we celebrate the frap’s 20th anniversary, we looked back at some other 20-year-old foods.


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