Saturday Spotlight: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

A  cold truth: once you’re an adult, nobody asks what you want to be anymore. I mean, just because I have a professional degree and a job doesn’t mean I’ve given up all my dreams, right? Although honestly, thank God nobody asks that because I have no clue what I would answer. This week, though, we explored some of the options:

Option 1: You could get younger when you grow up…

As in the new TV show Younger, wherein Sutton Foster plays a 40-year-old trying to jump start her career by posing as a 26-year-old. If you aren’t sure if you should be watching it, you should: find out why here.

Option 2: Why grow up? You could just play dress-up.

You could go to Coachella instead, which is basically an extension of childhood but with drugs. In addition to being a music festival, Coachella is more or less adult dress-up. Here’s our fashion wrap-up of the 2015 festival if you need proof.

Option 3: Be A Hollywood assistant… at your own risk.

This week was Administrative Professionals day, when the world expresses its gratitude toward all those hard folks who keep our offices running while dealing with sometimes unreasonable orders from all directions. Arguable worse than serving as an admin or secretary at a normal workplace: being an assistant to a celebrity. Check out these true horror stories from some of Hollywood’s long-suffering assistants.

Option 4: Be What Your Parents Are

This week was also Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Growing up my parents and I were all a bit befuddled by the holiday, so I never participated. But that doesn’t mean I’m not super jealous of kids who got to shadow their parents at these dream workplaces, like the zoo or the White House or a flower shop (diverse interests, everyone).

Option 5: A Doctor On A Shonda Rhimes Show Oh Good Lord Nevermind Not That

If you haven’t seen this week’s Grey’s Anatomy and you are reading the internet, you are a brave and maybe foolish soul. If you are reading the internet and HAVE seen Grey’s, hop on over to our reaction post. I guess I can scratch anything in Shondaland off of my career dream list.


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