Saturday Spotlight: Teenage Dreams

Ah, the teenage years. Seems like but a dream, doesn’t it? But no, it all really happened – giving us inspiration for this post, as well as stacks and stacks of photos that we’re thrilled aren’t on the internet.

  • In This Is Not Journalism: Best Dressed At The Nerd Prom, we examined fashions from “nerd prom” (the White House Correspondents’ Dinner) that look a whole lot better than the looks that were popular during our prom years. Somehow I don’t think those two-piece taffeta dresses that show off your bellybutton ring are coming back in style anytime soon.
  • Speaking of nerds, we were really into musical theater in high school. Shocking, I know. In honor of all those kids toiling away on the stage and in the crew, here are some songs from musicals we’ve been in.
  • The Kentucky Derby Winners based on name alone? Funny! It also has nothing to do with teenage years, you caught us. Although one year in high school I did bet the trifecta for the Belmont Stakes, and used my winnings to get a second ear piercing which seemed necessary at the time.
  • Famous high schooler: Gilbert Blythe. He may have been your teen dream man, but you ever think he was also maybe a bit of a d-bag?
  • And one weird high school tradition: voting for the most popular girl to put a flower crown on a statue. May Day is a real thing, everyone.

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