Saturday Spotlight: Meet The Met (Gala)

Just when it felt like awards season was dead and buried, we’ve hit gala season. With just a bit of time to recover from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, this week we celebrated the Met Gala! Well, not firsthand – invites lost in the mail, Anna Wintour? – but via blog post.

  • The theme this year was China: Through The Looking Glass, which was terrifying. Fortunately, Traci provided some handy tips for how not to make it really really racist.
  • The result? Most people did okay! From Rihanna’s giant big bird pelt (which I loved!) to Fan Bingbing’s glorious cape, there were a lot of fashion hits – as well as a few looks we just weren’t feeling.
  • Sure to add laughs and style to any gala: this weeks Woman Crush Wednesday, Sofia Vergara. Not only is she gorgeous and inspiring, her comedic acting totally reminds us of Lucille Ball’s loud, lovable delivery.
  • Which Hollywood star skipped the Met and went camping in Montana? Bet you didn’t think the answer would be Mindy Kaling. Her amazing show was cancelled by Fox this week, but Hulu would be absolutely silly not to take it.
  • Prom is the Met Gala of high school, but as I always say, calling anything the something of anything is either half of an insult or half of a compliment. But unlike the real Met, instead of receiving understated engraved invites (I assume), kids are giving promposals. It’s weird and we don’t get it, but then, we never got promposed to.

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