Saturday Spotlight: Aca-Relevant

4/5 of these posts are irrelevant to the a capella theme: ac-irelevant. But if Pitch Perfect taught us anything, it’s that you can add aca- to the beginning of a word to make it relate to acapella: Aca-Relevant. See:

  • Aca-awesome: A capella music. That’s why our playlist of the month is all a capella, all the time. We got more New Englanders than a L.L. Bean outlet sale.
  • Aca-scuse me?Who the heck is this new Hamburgler and what, exactly, is he trying to do? We have questions. Just, like, a whole list of questions.
  • Ac-unfortunateDid you give your baby one of the fastest-rising names of 2014? They’re not all bad, but your baby will still hate it by the time he or she is 13.
  • Aca-all starWith only one season of American Idol to go, how about we make a dream team of former all stars, a la the second Hunger Games?
  • Aca-aging: That feeling you get when not only do strangers call you ma’am, they wish you a happy mother’s day and you are – in the words of that ugly dinosaur baby from Dinosaurs – not the mama.

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