Saturday Spotlight: Stars Hollow/Dillon


Just a week ago, we were at the ATX Television Festival, living in this weird and wonderful combination of Stars Hollow, CT and Dillon, TX. From Bunheads to Orphan Black, we were getting behind-the-scenes knowledge from all our favorite shows. Hep Alien played at a Dillon Panthers tailgate. Mae Whitman was Dawson of Dawson’s Creek. We hung out with Grandma Saracen herself.

Today I am painting my porch.

We wanted to put everything that happened last weekend in writing before we forgot anything. If you missed the festival, here’s all the top-secret scoop we can remember from ATXTVs4. If you were there, look back with us … while catching up on all that household stuff you neglected last weekend!

ATX Television Festival Wrap-Up: That Was A Thing That Happened, Pt. 1
ATX Television Festival Wrap-Up: That Was A Thing That Happened, Pt. 2


  • Almost as good as the Gilmore Girls panel: the Today Show interview with ASP and some of the cast. This is a much better interview, to be honest, we just wish more of the cast were there! It’s almost an hour long and a must-watch for every GG fan.
  • Need more Stars Hollow? As you might have gathered from my weekend activity, I’m a bit interior design-obsessed. The intersection of TV and home design is about the best thing ever. So naturally, I flipped for this in-depth look at Lorelai’s and the Gilmores’ houses from the fantastic Hooked On Houses.
  • Along with TV, we love ladies who make stuff happen. Enter Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson, the founders of the ATX Festival. The way they’ve grown this festival from an idea to a must-attend, most-tweeted-about event in just a handful of years is mind-blowing. Check out this interview with the ATX ladies over at Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls!
  • Speaking of ladies we love: Head Over Feels. Remember when there used to be Blockbuster Video, and there was that shelf that was all, ” If You Liked Stand By Me, You’ll Love Now And Then? ” Well. If you like us, you’ll love them, so get on over there. We got to meet Sage last weekend and it was honestly a trip highlight!

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