Midsummer: World’s Most Pin-able, Tumbl-able, Instagrammable Holiday

Can you believe it’s already Midsummer Eve tomorrow? If you’re American, your answer is probably either “… I guess so?”, “That thing from Shakespeare?”, or “I don’t think you can have midsummer when it isn’t even summer yet.” All fair points. But if you’re one of those folks who’s into the Pinterest/Instagram/tumblr scene [I, admittedly, am not] — with all the flower crowns, hand-lettering, and latte art — you should probably get behind this one.

To be clear, Midsummer is a very real, very old holiday. It celebrates the summer solstice. So why midsummer? The internet says that it’s because old Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic calendars used to have two seasons – summer and winter – which means that the summer solstice falls smack in the middle of summer. Of course, the internet says a lot of things.

These days, if you think of anything when you hear “midsummer” – other than “Shakespeare” or “huh?” – it’s probably Sweden. It’s celebrated other places, but it’s a big deal among people of Swedish descent all over the world. However, Midsummer also shares several key features with the most popular parts of the Pinterest Industrial Complex, so it’s only a matter of time before it takes off all over:

Flower Crowns

What, you thought they were invented at Coachella? Nej. The flower crown has been a Midsummer staple for centuries, and these versions are a million times prettier than those JoAnn Fabrics florals stapled onto a headband that you’re seeing everywhere. Click on photos to go to the source and learn how to make your own:

Source: Cocorosa


Source: The House That Lars Built

Source: The Hairpin

Source: Willowday


Photogenic Desserts

No summer gathering is complete without a light, delicious fruit dessert. And in today’s world, no summer gathering is complete wuithout a light, delicious fruit dessert that would also look fantastic on Instagram. Well, Midsummer has you covered! The traditional dessert is any one of a number of strawberry and cream combos – often trimmed with flowers. You don’t have to be Swedish to appreciate these! Again, images link to the source, and the sources include recipes!

Source: The Domestic Front

Source: Breeze System

Source: Great British Chefs


Outdoor Decor

As I’ve mentioned, interior design is one of my favorite things. But you know what’s even more fun this time of year? EXTERIOR design, of course! There’s something so fun about using things like trees and lighting to bring dimension to your decor. If you’re looking to throw an impressive outdoor party, but don’t have a summer wedding to plan, Midsummer is just the ticket. I have about a million mason jars and yards of burlap left over from my parents’ retirement party last year, so maybe I should take my own advice. Click on the photos to learn more:

Source: Apartment Therapy


Source: The House That Lars Built

Source: The House That Lars Built. Fair warning: this was an EVENT. With, you know, sponsors. But there are many great, adaptable ideas!

Rustic Floral Arrangements

Again, I think by our late 20s, most of us have amassed (1) a fair amount of student loan debt; (2) one or two regrettable chapters in our dating histories; and (3) leftover mason jars from some gathering or another. Wildflowers are in bloom, and if you show up at a florist at the end of the day sometimes you can get great deals this time of year. Put them all together and you have the perfect Midsummer arrangements. Think no-fuss and low-cost:

Source: Something Borrowed Wedding Blog

Don’t forget your traditional Swedish blue and yellow! Source: Life at 139a.

Let your flower wreath project double as a floral display – lay your flowers out on a table and work from there. Source: Gastro Chic.



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