Saturday Spotlight: Mein Favorite Things


What do you do when you’ve seen The Sound Of Music a hundred times, on screen, stage, and quasi-regrettable live NBC musical form?

You live blog the original German movie, Die Trapp-Familie, of course.

Or we do, anyway. You can read it here! With lyrics like “horsie, trot, trot” and with childhood frolics replaced with “playing u-boat” … and with the escape sequence replaced with Germans trying to navigate a slow American bureaucracy … it made us all the more grateful for Rodgers and Hammerstein.

  • In celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Sound Of Music, Entertainment Weekly offered up its ranking of the Von Trapp Children. Of course, now that we’ve seen the German version, our least favorite is Werner. You may know the post’s writer as Kelly  from EW, but she’ll always be the TV Mouse to us.
  • So, was the German “Die Trapp-Familie” more accurate than the American The Sound Of Music? Yeah. I guess. But at what cost? Learn there real story here.
  • Don’t worry, there are still Von Trapp children. No, not those Von Trapp children. They have all died. But new ones, with a new album out.
  • If you need a Sound of Music palate cleanser after the weirdly non-musical Die Trapp-Familie, here. Here are some gifs for you. Enjoy.

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