Saturday Spotlight: 7 Up and Up and Up


Can you believe it’s the end of the school year already? I mean we can, because we aren’t in school and don’t have kids, but for a lot of people this time of year is a serious rite of passage. Still, the end of school season (late June, where we grew up) and the beginning (week after Labor Day) always make me reflect on my own school days.

If you’ve seen the Up series, you know that there’s a lot you can tell about a person based on who they are at age seven. To that end, we thought about our own second grade classes. Where are those kids now? Is the gross kid still gross? (Yes.) Does the kid who was only allowed to watch a half hour of public television a week carry an NPR tote? (Probably.) You can test our predictions here.

  • In the Where Are They Now: Every Kid In You Second Grade Class post, we refer to the Up Series. Haven’t seen it? Today’s your lucky day! The series traces a group of British kids from different backgrounds, and followed up every seven years since the 1960s. The first installment is on Youtube, but you can find them all – including the ‘kids’ at 56 – on Netflix.

  • Are you a 20- or 30-something? Then you’ll love the American version of the Up series, which began filming in the early ’90s. The first documentary, Age Seven In America, is on Vimeo here. There are few things more interesting than looking back at people your own age, in the time you were growing up.
  • This piece discusses the Up kids’ important role in film and tv history – as the first reality tv subjects.


  • Ready for a time jump? Here are the American kids at age 21 in the mid-2000s:

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