Saturday Spotlight: Kids In The Hall H


  • Are you braving SDCC (that’s San Diego Comic-Con) this year, or following the events from home? Traci is actually in San Diego this week, but not for SDCC. The fact is, we love our tv but aren’t into many shows that are particularly … fandom-y? But we’ve created a fantasy Comic-Con lineup and we would totally wait in the Hall H line for HBIC, a Teen Witch reunion, or season 1 of Heroes. Just season one.
  • In years past, we wrote that Comic-Con is not just for nerds anymore. It’s huge. And impressive. And last year, Sharknado was there.
  • This year is still in progress, but last year there was so much amazing SDCC fashion that we had a whole fashion wrap-up post about it! No, it’s not just dudes dressed like Star Trek characters, we’re talking about actors, writers and creators with seriously good fashion sense.


  • One thing we already missed so far: the Orphan Black panel (moderated by Retta. RETTA!). But the internet is just and merciful, and the Orphan Black folks have already released the Season 3 Bloopers reel they screened:

  • And three potential Donny/Alison spinoffs. We love them so much. Kristin Bruun all day.

  • Catch it while you can: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II panel from SDCC 2015 is up, too!


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