Saturday Spotlight: Totally Buggin’


Clueless came out twenty years ago. Two-zero. A Cher Horowitz plus four. That’s like, 40 Alaia collections ago. More if they have a resort collection too. This week, we celebrated:

  • Clueless had a vocab all its own. Not to mention, even some of the stuff the kids said that was “normal” in 1995 requires a bit of translation now. No problem, we created a 90s glossary!
  • In case you missed it (there’s no way you missed it): 90s fashion is back. Big time. But like any “retro” revival (ugh, my heart), some of the looks don’t totally translate in the future. These are the Clueless outfits you could wear in 2015 without looking like an Iggy Azalea video.
  • If you’re rewatching, you need a drinking game. Or an exercise game, if your buns don’t feel nothin’ like steel. We got you, either way.
  • A 1995 themed playlist? See if you can stop us. In our “research” we learned that 1995 was an almost absurdly good year for music… and that neither of us knew the right lyrics to Del Amitri’s Roll To Me.
  • What if there was a Clueless reboot? We cast it, just in case. Kiernan Shipka and Zendaya as the main buddy duo! But if they decide to Ghostbusters it and just cast hilarious SNL ladies in every role, we’re there for that too.



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