Saturday Spotlight: #OhNoLouis


We cannot get enough of the One Direction fandom. Not One Direction itself – no real opinion there – but the (mostly) young ladies from the group’s internet following. I don’t know if teenagers today are more adorable than they were in our day, but the response to Louis Tomlinson’s paternity announcement were downright delightful – see the whole post here.

Zayn’s Fault


*Larry isn’t the name of another mystery member of the group. Larry is the ship name for Louis + Harry, since many Directioners believe Louis and Harry are secret boyfriends. It’s a thing that’s been going on since the early days of 1D, and when the pregnancy rumor came out, Larry Shippers went wild:

The truth is out there


  • Don’t worry, Funny Or Die is already on the Louis TomlinSON situation.
  • The Daily Mail is trying to make sense of the Louis memes, which is like if you had a moderately racist middle-class English grandma trying to understand it.
  • Does Louis seems a bit young to be a dad? Guys, people his age are grandparents.
  • YO IS ZAYN COMING BACK THO. I wouldn’t care, except we’ll get some class-A memes if he does.


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