Saturday Spotlight: Netflix-ish


I didn’t really think about it until we had two Netflix-based posts in one week, but summer is Netflix season. There’s precious little live TV on, and everybody’s so busy that it’s just the time to squeeze in a quick movie or some 22-minute episodes. Here’s what we were into:

  • As of post time, Titanic is no longer on Netflix. But our hearts will go on (GET IT?) and so will our blog post memorializing our rewatch of the movie before it left the site. And let me tell you, our Jack Dawson blinders prevented us from properly appreciating Tommy Ryan and Fabrizio when we were younger.
  • Out with the old, in with the new… which is also old… because Wet Hot American Summer is back, bringing us back to the first week of camp … 15 years after the last week of camp. But it’s not confusing, it’s wonderful, and the Wet Hot American cast has done some great things since the original.



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