Saturday Spotlight: America, At The End Of The Millennium


In 1998 – 2002, America was in an awkward stage – and so were we. A new millennium was beginning, and we weren’t sure what that entailed. Y2K, maybe? Like maybe all our computers would die, then WE would die. And how would we ever get used to not starting the year with “19” on our checks? I JUST stopped signing mine Molly D., Homeroom 6S, Sacred Heart Cathedral School, like 5 minutes ago. We dealt with it the best way we knew how – consuming mass media and pop culture in as many forms as possible.

Like, could TV be books? In the new millennium, sure. That’s why the Dawson’s Creek book series existed, these weird off-cannon paperbacks that were not good. Don’t read them. Traci wrote about them. Read that, instead.

And could music be movies? Sure, why not. That’s what the Britney Spears vehicle, Crossroads, was. Molly just watched it for the first time this week, and it was …. also not good. But also sort of intense and crazy? Yeah, just read our recap.


  • We aren’t the only ones in love with Pacey Witter, Dream Man after all these years. Enter Brenda Forever (yes, that’s right, they cover 90210 as well). We are so psyched they tweeted at us because their Dawson’s Creek recaps are HILARIOUS. Seriously funny. If you’re into the same stuff as us (like You’ve Got Mail! And Hilary Duff! And Pitch Perfect!) AND are bilingual or Spanish-speaking, get there. Now. #PaceyEsGrande
  • Several years ago, Cinefilles spelled out – and nailed – exactly what makes Crossroads so simultaneously terrible and awesome.
  • And, Styleite dissected the early 2000s fashion choices of Britney and the gang when they were not girls, not yet women – which, I repeat, is just teenagers. That’s what a teenager is.

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