Saturday Spotlight: #OurOneFriendsWedding


We’ve made it almost all of the way through our 20s, which means we have also made it through literally dozens of summer weddings between us. In fact, by this point we can almost predict what’s going to happen at the ceremony and how the venue will be decorated before we get there. Enter our Wedding Guest Drinking Game/ Scavenger Hunt!

If you were following along on our Twitter, you caught the wedding we went to last night – #OurOneFriendsWedding, because our friend was too classy for a hashtag. Or for mason jars, burlap, and chalkboard paint. And you should ask us about her dress! Or don’t, because we will tell you about it anyway. We’re obsessed. Hope you all are having as nice a wedding season as we are!

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If you’ve ever been pinged to give the made of honor or best man toast, you know it can be scary (I think I winged mine, but I’m also that weirdo who likes public speaking). You can rest assured that there’s no way you can screw it up as badly as these people: Wedding Toasts: 10 Worst Wedding Toasts Ever.

Have any of you been to a themed wedding? Most of these sound frankly ridiculous: 23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas.

Not sure what to wear to your next wedding? It might be best to start with what NOT to wear: Things To Never Wear To A Wedding.


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