Saturday Spotlight: Step Back You’re Dancing Kinda Close

  • Traci listened to and deconstructed Miley’s new album so you don’t have to. But a lot of folks will listen to it anyway, particularly impressionable youths who will learn all about weed, sex, and the death of a beloved pet. Well, they have to learn it somewhere.
  • …which is something we know all too well. From Too Close to Brick to 2 Become 1, there are all kinds of songs from our youth that we 100% did not understand at the time. Which means nobody should even worry about kids listening to Miley, because they won’t understand half of it anyway.
  • For all of those 90s songs, we understood what the lyrics were, we just didn’t get what they meant. But what about all of those songs you straight-up misheard through the years? You can look them all up at, an archive of misheard lyrics. Thank God I wasn’t the only one hearing “hold me closer, Tony Danza” or “wrapped up like a douche in the middle of the night.”
  • If that takes too long, here’s an infographic on-point.
  • Before Miley’s Dead Pets, there was Bangerz. Here’s an analysis of some of the wackiest lyrics. I wonder what Leslie thinks about this?

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