Saturday Spotlight: Back To TV Tunes


We were celebrating Back To TV week here at Cookies and Sangria, because as days get shorter and temperatures drop – no thank you to both – we at least know that we are about to slip back into our network TV routines. It’s like going back to school, except good.

Naturally, our Playlist Of The Month was TV-related – we discussed some of our favorite TV theme songs. From FNL to MTM (that’s Mary Tyler Moore, obviously), we love how a theme song can set the tone for a show. Or, in the 60s – 90s, provide exposition for the entire plot, like that one chapter you always skipped in Baby-Sitters Club books.

  • 100 theme songs in one take, on guitar – how many can you guess?
  • Not sure we agree with all of these, but how about theme songs that are totally mismatched to the show they go with?
  • Of course, one of our favorites was the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song. If you’re at all interested in the show or in theme songs in general, you have to read how they did it.
  • Speaking of behind-the-scenes looks at writing a theme song, this Jay Ferguson interview on writing themes – including the US version of The Office – is a great read.

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