Summer Memes Make Me Feel Fine: Republ-I-Can’t

It’s the first full day of fall, and you can almost smell the crisp leaves  tv theme songs. Summer may be over, but fear not – it gave us a few final memes in its waning days. Just consider these the last roses of summer, left blooming alone.

The 2016 Presidential race is already running at … well, if not a full sprint, at least a steady, brisk race-walk. The late-summer Republican debates have generated a few memes, which almost softens my annoyance that there are already debates happening. For an election over a year away.  Ahem.

All of your classic memes have arisen:

Bad Lip Reading

I’ll be honest, I find Bad Lip Reading actually pretty funny. So much so that I’ll be watching the debates on mute and filling in the dialogue myself until at least next spring.

Just kidding. I won’t be watching them at all until next spring. I hope.


As far as Songify goes, the bloom is off the rose for me. But where news happens, memes follow, and songify is always part of the pack.

Plus a few new additions:


Okay, every controversial figure who has opened up to twitter questions has had it backfire. Even some people who DIDN’T ask for questions have found themselves hilariously inundated (Remember #AskRachel?)

Some questions focused on how Trump looks like a silly goose:

Others addressed his personal life:

Or his politics:

Still others asked the question we’ve all been pondering:

Carly Fiorina Jepson

In the past weeks Carly Fiorina has proven herself to be a real contender in the presidential race, even making a jovial appearance on Jimmy Fallon. But the surest sign she is in the public consciousness: she now is the subject of her own joke tumblr,, which combines photos of Fiorina with lyrics from Carly Rae Jepson songs.

Hot Guy Behind Jake Tapper

Debates, addresses to Congress, States of the Union… so many presidential (or pre-presidential) moments are so boring that your attention wanders to the people in the background. It’s why when I was doing a reading at church as a kid, my mom would always warn me not to fidget or whisper on the altar because after a certain point people stop looking at the priest. According to the internet,  the real winner of last week’s debate was #hotdebateguy, A.K.A. “the hot guy behind Jake Tapper,” debate moderator.

By the way, “hot debate guy” is 24-year-old Greg Caruso, with a chiseled jaw that could make a girl question her political affiliations.

Jeb Kush — Jeb Bush, Pothead

Jeb Bush, man of the people, has used recreational marijuana. In the 1970s, when I’m pretty sure the air was infused with it.

Anyway, that’s all the information the internet needs. They can take it from there:

Well, friends. Just 14 more months to go between now and the 2016 election. Probably dozens of debates, and scores of public appearances. As much as I dread it, I must ask: what memes may come?


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