Saturday Spotlight: It’s October 3rd


We’ve finally reached what many people proclaim is the best month of the year – October. Weather is chilly enough for cute, bundled-up outfits but not so cold that you’re waddling around like the little brother in A Christmas Story. Crisp leaves are in the air, pumpkin is in all your food, and everything looks amazing on Instagram. So of course, we had to write about all the great October happenings (On October 1st, He Asked Me What Day It Was) – and the not so great (am I supposed to start paying for heat, or…?).


One of our fav October events: Mean Girls Day, when we celebrate the movie that came out when we are teens – that teens actually still love today. And adults, of course. Here are some other people paying tribute to the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was.

  • Lindsay Lohan herself shared an October 3rd photo set:
  • UK tabloids are always up for a good time, and this year the Mirror shared life lessons from the Plastics.
  • US tabloids are on it, too: let the NY Daily News tell you how to celebrate October 3.
  • Bouncing it back to us for a second: remember when Regina George was our #WCW?
  • Because it just wouldn’t be a Saturday without a reminder that time is fleeting and our youth is dropping away like so many grains of sand: What’s still fetch, and what’s so 2004?
  • Well, that was a bummer. Here’s ray of human sunshine Amy Poehler doing Kevin G.’s rap, accompanied by (La)Tina Fey and LiLo:


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