Saturday Spotlight: Please Don’t Scare Us


It’s that time of year when everyone is watching horror movies, telling ghost stories, and otherwise being plain old unreasonable. Isn’t the world scary enough?

  •  Peeple, a prospective website/app, doubles as every one of one junior high nightmares come to life.
  • So when all of you are watching whatever movies brave people watch in October, we’d like to stick to Hocus Pocus and E.T., thanks – maybe some of you scaredy cats will join us?
  • We avoid scary movies so hard that it’s been 25 years and Traci just saw Ghost for the first time this week. Although to be fair, the spookiest part is how little Tony Goldwyn/Godwyn has aged since the early 90s.
  • According to all sources, Doctor Who is NOT scary, but Molly hasn’t taken the chance yet, so just has compiled a list of what she thinks probably happens. She doesn’t do aliens (unless you count reading lots of Carl Sagan).
  • We needed to know why some people are drawn to scary movies. This piece on the psychology of a horror movie fan does a good job of it!
  • And another: Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?
  • Speaking of brains, the trailer for Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is out! What do you think? This is a scary movie I can get behind, because I’ll watch an Austen adaptation you throw at me (except Persuasion, I’m not crazy).


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