Saturday Spotlight: Teens Be Reading


It’s Teen Read Week! But if you were the kind of teen I was, every week was teen read week. Whether 3/4 of every mall trip was spent at Barnes and Noble, you didn’t finish your assigned reading because you had your own list of books to get through, or you queued up every year for the latest Harry Potter, reading is a more popular teen activity than I think we give it credit for. This week we celebrated young adult fiction, a genre as delightful as it is baffling:

  • School Library Journal gets it: here’s a post full of classic 1992 book orders. If only those prices still held up.
  • This walk down 80s teen lit memory lane from A Tapestry Of Words is bringing back all kinds of feelings. Excuse me, getting all choked up about Dawn Rochelle’s harrowing journey again.
  • You don’t have to re-read all of the Baby-Sitters Club books … but read through The Baby-Sitters Club Revisited long enough, and you’ll kind of want to.
  • When I was drafting posts for this week, I started writing How To Write A YA Dystopian Novel. A few steps in I realized I should Google it to see if anyone had already done that, and lo and behold. We even both included steps about capitalizing Nouns to make them Grave and Important. Needless to say, that post got scrapped – but the one in the Telegraph basically says everything I would have.



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