Saturday Spotlight: This Is Halloween

  • First of all, if this post title didn’t immediately make you start singing this song, you’re doing it wrong:

  • Did you grow up on Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? Even if you didn’t, you probably had that one jerk friend who’d use it to scare you at slumber parties – and all of these images are probably still emblazoned on your brain.
  • My favorite spooky historical phenomenon: the Salem Witch trials. Seriously, just ask me about Dorcas Good or the ergot theory… but pour yourself a nice cup of tea first, because we’ll be here a while. Right now I’m reading The Witches: Salem, 1692 – too soon to tell if I agree with the reviews, though.
  • Holy cow, guys. They finally found a razor blade in candy. Sorry I doubted you, mom.
  • It wouldn’t be Halloween without Halloween episodes – here’s the inside scoop from Buffy and Simpsons writers.
  • Now this is my kind of scary story: scary SCIENCE stories.
  • Ready to get really terrified? Here’s a Halloween religious tract, the worst thing you’d get in your trick or treat bucket. Read if you have the guts! [No, but really don’t, you’ll just be annoyed.]

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