The ‘Donald Trump Is Hosting Saturday Night Live’ Drinking Game

Face it, you’re going to need a little liquid courage to make it through this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Donald Trump, Your One Racist Uncle Except Rich. We’re here to help. Just remember, drink responsibly and maybe consider going with a nice, nerve-settling chamomile instead of alcohol. Except don’t chug hot tea. You know what? Actually, just do what you have to do.

Drink Just A Little

  • You reach the end of the show and it was actually just a boring, if below-average, episode; nothing to see here; seriously bring a book.
  • There’s a toupee joke.
  • Trump appears in a sketch with Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton.
  • Donald appears as himself in more than 50% of the sketches.
  • You nod off before Weekend Update (not sure how you’re going to drink while sleeping, but I guess it’s like an IOU situation).
  • The cold open features a presidential debate.
  • The cold open features an array of cast members in Trump wigs.
  • The cold open features audience questions to Donald.
  • Donald is not great with the cue cards.
  • There are awkward, arm-clappy hugs during the goodnights.

Drink A Moderate Amount

  • There’s a joke about how all of Trump’s wives have been immigrants.
  • You think the words “I hate this” at any point in the show.
  • In a debate sketch, Megan Kelly or an immigrant gets the better of Donald.
  • There’s an Apprentice sketch.
  • They bring out Lorne at any point.
  • There’s a sketch about a future world in which Donald is president, complete with an ostentatious Trump Towers-y White House.
  • You have to turn off the TV before the musical guest performs.
  • Trump and Maddie Ziegler appear on screen at the same time.
  • One of the Weekend Update hosts (probably Michael Che), or possibly another cast member takes Trump to task during WU,  but like, not… really.


Drink And Keep Drinking

  • The Apprentice sketch features other presidential candidates.
  • Donald appears in a sketch with Taran Killam as Donald Trump.
  • A cast member displays thinly veiled disdain for the Donald.
  • You speak the words “I hate this” at any point in the show.
  • You hate yourself for watching.
  • Trump appears in a Drake Hotline Bling sketch.
  • Sia pointedly ignores Trump.
  • Sia trades her swollen blonde bob wig for a Trump wig.


  • You really, really hate yourself for watching.
  • Trump sings.
  • Trump is the adult dancer in Elastic Heart. Or any other Sia song for that matter.
  • Protesters do something.
  • Donald appears in a sketch with Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump.
  • The punchline of a joke is that Trump is racist, anti-immigrant, or xenophobic … but it’s less of a joke and more of a truth.
  • Trump debuts a new hairdo, like a relaxed buzz cut or a more chill color that doesn’t look like gerbil fur.
  • You almost sort of wish you were Amish or something so television isn’t an option. Do Amish people vote, anyway? Better check on that.
  • You check social media and wish you hadn’t. If you were Amish, you wouldn’t have that problem.



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