Saturday Spotlight: Trudeau For President


  • Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada last month, and we haven’t been so enamored of a new elected official since the I Have A Crush On Obama era. If you don’t get his whole deal, this post is a good start. Representative cabinet? Great! Political legacy that’s not made of a family of garbage people? Okay! Posing for photos with his family wearing street clothes in a swimming pool? That’s fine we guess! Love him.
  • Meanwhile south of the border, we’re dealing with the very real possibility that Donald Trump will be a frontrunner in the 2016 election. Feels like we’re living in a dystopian novel written circa 1992? Well. He’s also hosting SNL tonight If you’re going to watch, you may as well drink. Drinking game here.
  • The above posts sort of makes us wonder if we could find a way to Degrassi Trudeau and adapt him for the American market.



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