Saturday Spotlight: All The Best People Are Celebrities


That’s right, all of them. Well, many of them, anyway. Many of the best people are celebrities, and this week we celebrated several of our favs:

  • If there’s anything that makes us love a celeb, it’s when they fangirl over other famous people just like we do. Enter Adele, who despite being adored the world over isn’t too cool to freak out about her idols. Hats off to you, Adele – even though as a rule we don’t usually like people who make us cry this much.
  • And then there’s One Direction. Two weeks ago, we knew almost nothing about them. Today, we … I mean, we still don’t know much, but we have enough info to at least make a list of fake “facts” we’re willing to believe about One Direction.
  • We may be a touch sad over the last Hunger Games movie being released, but that is mainly because this was our last Hunger Games press tour. Even if you don’t watch the movies, you can appreciate all of the wonderful people being adorable together.



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