Saturday Spotlight: The Wiz and I


For two former theatre nerds, there’s nothing like NBC’s ___ Live! Productions — even when they’re not that good, even when there’s stunt casting, because we know that there are kids aren’t there who don’t get to see live theatre and this is a huge deal for them. But THIS year…. this year NBC delivered, and then some. With an amazing cast of people who can actually sing, dance, and act, The Wiz was a tv musical that was impossible to hate-tweet.

We checked in the next day with a Comments, Questions, and Concerns post, and we’re still not over how amazing it was.

  • Take a look back on The Wiz that you grew up with – go behind the scenes with a young and full-of-promise Michael Jackson.
  • Just one thing we couldn’t get over: the amazing costumes! Here’s how they all came together.
  • Our only quibble is that those stars needed an AUDIENCE. Here’s why.
  • The reviews are in, and everybody agrees: The Wiz was NBC’s best musical by a long shot.
  • We were so, so amazed by the wonderful 19-year-old (!) Shanice Williams as Dorothy, with both of us saying out loud too ourselves YAAAS!, QUEEN!, SLAY! and the more “granny at a high school production”-esque SHE LIGHTS UP THE STAGE. Learn more about her road to stardom here.

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