Saturday Spotlight: Things We Wanted In 1995

  • A slightly more expanded 90s Christmas toy list from Buzzfeed, because what is Buzzfeed for if not slightly more expanded list.
  • Modern kids react to Teddy Ruxpin – and they’re getting it all wrong.
  • Apparently Skydancers were recalled? Another of these 90s toy recalls burned into my brain: the Cabbage Patch Doll that was supposed to eat toy snacks, but actually ate children’s hair. And even as a child I was like “I don’t know, maybe all these idiots should stop shoving their hair into the doll’s mouth?”
  • Don’t worry, millennial gals: J.T.T. is still adorable. (With that resolved, I moved on to checking another mid-90s crush, Tahj Mowry. He’s doing all right, too! PHEW.)

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