Saturday Spotlight: #YouCanSeeBoth

  • Sure, you know Tina and Amy, but are you familiar with the comedic greatness of Paula Pell? If you’re a regular around here or are comedy nerds like us, the answer is probably yes. If not, get acquainted with the force behind Sisters – as well as some of your favorite SNL sketches. We love her.
  • We may be comedy nerds, but we’ve never really been sci-fi geeks (not because we have anything against it, we just never got into it?). Traci broke through one of her top Pop Culture Blind Spots and watched the first Star Wars movie. Which is also the fourth Star Wars Movie. Episode IV, A New Hope? And we are proud to say this was not a hate-watch situation – she really enjoyed this movie that you all knew was really good for 38 years.
  • Single ladies: worry about ISIS. You should be worried about ISIS.

  • Best Unscripted ever:

  • The marriage of Sisters and Star Wars, because you really can have it all:




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