Saturday Spotlight: Winter Storm Jo-Bros


Some advice to all of you in Winter Storm Jo-Bros, from somebody from one of the snowiest cities in America:
  • Keep kitty litter, sidewalk salt and a shovel INSIDE your house. There are always those bozos snowed in because their shovel is in the garage and they can’t open the door (my region gets 5-foot lake effect drifts, I know what I’m talking about). You don’t want to be that bozo.


Seriously, everyone in the storm’s path, stay safe and warm. I know how scary it can be driving on slick roads even if you’re used to it, and how disheartening it can be to shovel for hours only to find the area you cleared out is covered in snow again. Up here, we never panic about snow because we know we can handle it. Maybe that’s the best advice there is: know that you’re stronger and smarter than Winter Storm Jonas Brothers, and you’ll be just fine.


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