Saturday Spotlight: Where Everybody Knows Your Name


  • We’ve been sitting on our first Cheers Chats post since August, but it’s finally here – along with a year-long series discussing all of Cheers’ best episodes as we watch them for the first time! Join us, why don’t you?
  • It’s funny. You go through school with people born in the same year as you, but as an adult it’s always fun when you meet someone who’s your exact age because you experienced the same things at the same time – – like all of these now-30-year old events that were Made In 1986, just like us!
  • Something that SHOULD be familiar but isn’t: Yentl, a Pop Culture Blindspot wherein nobody can tell that Barbra Streisand is a woman because she has a terrible haircut and a newsie suit.
  • How about new friends? Plenty were probably made at Broadway Con – we weren’t there but we enjoyed it from afar!


  • Yes, of course BroadwayCon had a Hamilton panel!
  • We’re gleaning our Cheers Chats watch list from this AV club article: 10 episodes that show how Cheers stayed great for 11 seasons.
  • We’d love to link up more Cheers posts here but I’m afraid we’re scrupulously avoiding “spoilers.” Expect a reading binge oh, somewhere around next January.
  • It’s several years old now, but this 2012 staging of Yentl by Jill Sobule (I Kissed A Girl Jill Sobule, anybody remember Pop Up Video) imagines Yentl as a trans man instead of a woman in men’s clothing.
  • Any other ’86 babies out there? Peruse the Time Magazine covers from the year of our birth.

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