Saturday Spotlight: The Grease and The Juice


This week audiences clamored over two very, very different programs. First –  Grease Live, the equal parts wholesome and decidedly non-wholesome musical! We loved it. Our comments, questions, and concerns are outlined here.

The other: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, a limited series about the O.J. trial – possibly the biggest media phenomenon of our childhood. Both of us have very clear 90s memories of the case, but who exactly were Marcia, Kato and the gang? And what the heck are those characters up to now? We have answers. Thanks, Wikipedia.


  • If you rewatch Grease Live, keep an eye on the camerawork. The technical prowess of that crew was nothing short of astonishing. Take a closer look behind the scenes here (note, though, that we disagree with the premise that the leads were ‘lackluster.’)
  • Grease Live got Lin-Manuel pregnant so fast that we didn’t even have a chance to throw him a shower before the end of the show.
  • We already knew how we felt about Aaron Tveit, but our crushes on Doody (Jordan Fisher) are brand new. We aren’t the only ones.
  • Sort out the facts from the fiction in the first episode of American Crime Story, if you’re so inclined.
  • The tangled web of mass media: the O.J. trial eventually brought us the Kardashians. Literally, who possibly could have guessed?

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