Saturday Spotlight: Happy James Burrows Day Eve!

Tomorrow is James Burrows All-Star Tribute day! Or as everyone’s been calling it, the “Friends reunion.” Either way, it should be a great tv event. After all, Burrows has directed some of our favorite sitcoms during the NBC golden age … and also Big Bang Theory, we suppose.


  • On Friday, we shared our second Cheers Chats feature, and we finally got the Carla and Diane-centric episode we’ve been waiting for!
  • Not that familiar with Cheers? We weren’t either, until August! Here’s our inaugural Cheers Chats – will our analysis of the characters hold up through the series?
  • We are so excited about the Friends reunion, and I’d love to direct you to one of our Friends posts but I don’t know where to start – here’s the Friends tag! We even did a theme week because we don’t know how to stop.
  • Burrows got his start on Mary Tyler Moore, a formative sitcom for a lot of us who grew up in the Nick at Nite era. Rhoda will always be my girl.



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