Have Mercy, It’s Full House Week!

We are just days away from saying ‘Hola Tannerinos!’ to America’s favorite 90s fictional family from the ‘Frisco Bay with the new spin-off series, Fuller House. On Friday, we’ll be able to see Deej as a single mom with three kids, repeating history like her own dad did 30 years ago. And because it’s one of our favorite shows from our youth, we’re spending all this week going back in time and revisiting a series that helped shape us into the women we are today – a high-end fashion designer based and New York, and the other her twin sister (we’re the Olsen Twins).

full house houses

this is an actual photo I took when I made the pilgrimage to the Painted Houses in SF. I played the FH theme song while sitting on this hill. Don’t believe me – just watch.



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