Saturday Spotlight: Old Familiar Friends


  • We kicked off Full House Week with Doing Lines, reliving the plotlines that are most vivid in our memories after all these years. RIP Papouli, we hardly knew you. Neither did Michelle.
  • With Michelle living the high life as a fashion designer, we hosted Full House Of Style, breaking down D.J. and Stephanie’s fashion eras. Who could forget D.J.’s high-powered woman of the 80s blazers that she wore as a 12-year-old?
  • Room by room, look at how the Tanners redecorated their house since 1995, yet never upgraded their loveseat to a full-sized couch. I’ll bite: I bought my couch a year ago and it already looks less-than-fresh. Danny would never.
  • A lot of Full House factoids slipped by us as kids. Danny as a teen dad, the attic clearly not corresponding to the house’s roof… who knew? Not us.
  • Remember where Full House left off? We live-blogged it! (OK, WAY-later-blogged… besides, Molly had a third grade piano recital the night it originally aired.)



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