Best Of Pi(e): Celebrating Pi And Also Pie

Happy Pi Day! Nobody likes meaningless snack holidays more than me. But today’s two-for-one, celebrating the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and also filled pastry desserts, really takes the cake. Or Pie. So let’s just go with it and celebrate some of pi(e)’s finest moments:

Best Pie Movie: Waitress

This sweet little movie features a post-Felicty Keri Russell, small-town life, an unplanned pregnancy, and a WHOLE lot of pies. Pies like I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie, Baby Screamin’ Its Head Off In The Middle of the Night & Ruinin’ My Life Pie and Lonely Chicago Pie. It is really on the upper crust of pie movies.

Bonus! Waitress is soon to be our favorite pie-related Broadway musical. Still waiting on the Pi musical.

Best Pi Movie: Pi

Granted, my choices were limited. This is a Darren Aronofsky so stuff gets pretty weird. It’s a fragmented journey into the life and mind of a number theorist.

If you want to watch a math-y numbers movie, but aren’t quite in the mood for this, and don’t need it to be pi-specific, A Beautiful Mind would be my honorable mention.

Best Pie Song: American Pie

It’s one of those songs where, as it keeps going, you start to realize that you know ALL of the words. But try to come up with the lyrics when it’s not playing and you’ll definitely switch a few of the verses. American Pie is one of the ultimate “sit in your parked car and wait for it to end” songs when you’re driving.

Honorable Mention: Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.

Best Pi Song: The Irrationally Long Number Pi Song

You know what this reminds me of? You’re in class in high school, maybe college, and the instructor pulls out an “entertaining” video that relates to what you’re learning. You appreciate the effort, but you have to politely giggle. And the teacher was always, like, WATCHING you watch it so as the video went on you’d have to self-consciously half-laugh throughout the whole thing.

Anyway. This is that, with Pi.

Best Celebrity Pie Argument


Best Celebrity Pi Argument

B.O.B. vs Neil DeGrasse Tyson, re: whether or not the earth is flat. WE WERE ALIVE FOR THAT, everybody. Wow.

Best Pie Joke

I don’t know. There aren’t a ton of pie jokes.

Maybe that’s why the top pie humor for the past century has been either of this variety:

Or this:

Best Pi Joke

There really aren’t any good pi jokes, either.

Best Pie Meme

Best Pi Meme

 There were fewer pi memes than you think. Anyway, this one was relevant c. 2011.


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