Saturday Spotlight: (Over)Play List

  • Thing that should be embarrassing but isn’t: before a lot of hit songs were overplayed on the radio, we thought they were awesome. Then they rise to the top of the charts, twenty years pass, and we STILL cannot listen to Kiss From A Rose. Hence, this playlist of the month – the only one that neither of us can listen to all the way through.
  • How about the most overplayed songs in movies? I honestly never noticed, but All Along The Watch Tower DOES show up in a lot of soundtracks…
  • I definitely agree that all of these songs are overplayed at wedding receptions, yet I also can’t imagine weddings without some of them.
  • Grantland has discontinued their Overplayed Song Of The Week feature, but their entry about Let It Go will never not be true.
  • Most overplayed songs in music history? Ambitious, but these seem pretty close. Except I’m sure someone from the ’20s would be all “wait, the Charleston’s not on there?” and there was a hey nonny-nonny song that some medieval lady swore she could never listen to again. But recent history? Sure.
  • Even celebrities have overplayed songs that drive them bonkers. No surprise: Kate Winslet’s is My Heart Will Go On.
  • Speaking over overplayed music, I think the CIA’s torture playlist probably counts – and proves the real human hatred of overplayed music. (It’s cruel, but using the Barney song is… kind of genius?)



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